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"The Show Must Go On"

A Celine Dion Tribute Show


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Timeless Music

Turquoise tributes the timeless music of Celine Dion with, "The Show Must Go On", a selection of Celine's Top hits that have inspired millions.

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About Turquoise

Turquoise formed when Emily was asked what artist she thought she would enjoy tributing for an upcoming tribute band tour. Immediately Celine Dion came to her mind. She had spent her adolescent years replaying and singing all of Celine's hits. She was excited when a group of very talented musicians shared her passion for Celine's music. "The Show Must Go On", is a tribute show, not an impersonation of Celine, but it captures the elegance, intensity, and grace that have millions of fans always coming back for more.

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Turquoise Musicians

Lead Singer

Emily Anne

Singing and entertaining since age 5, Emily has performed throughout the United States and Europe. Emily has a passion for theater and has been a featured cast in many theater productions. She has also loved performing the National Anthem for many sporting events including the Utah Jazz, The Blaze, and The Salt Lake Bees. One of her favorite performances was singing, This Is My Now, for over 10,000 people for a gala event at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. She enjoys learning, writing, and recording originals and covers, and is excited to produce more music in years to come. She got the idea to start a Celine Dion tribute band from a friend, and is encouraged by the strides being made to bring the show to life. Emily owns and operates Sing it OUT Studios, a vocal coaching studio near Salt Lake City. Trained under vocal coaches Dean Kaelin and Seth Riggs, Emily Anne is a seasoned professional who captures audiences with her vocal ability and stage presence.


Dominic Barsi

Dominic brings a varied musical background to Turquoise. Beginning music at age 5, he plays several instruments. Dominic has performed with swing, doo wop vocal, blues, gospel, party, wedding, and cover bands, as well as in solo piano/vocal concerts and with the Utah Opera. His passion for music and stage energy is contagious.


Scott Nasworthy



Tommy Maras

Cami Shaskin

Supporting Vocalists (from left to right)

Brittany Lee

Brittany has performed all over the globe in music and dance since she was a child. For the past 7 years she has been a vocalist for the worship band at K2 Church. She is excited to be a part of Turquoise, Celine Dion is one of her all time favorite female vocalists. She loves music, comedy, and being a mother to her 3 children.                                 

Davin Saderholm

Davin dabbled in violin as a boy then switched to trombone. He formed a rock band & sang lead vocals for that band from 1982 until 1986 before leaving music for a long hiatus to pursue an engineering career, family, & faith. Davin re-entered the band world in 2015, with a resolution to sing in a band again. His daughter is named Celine after the singer (he & his wife are huge fans)!

Monique Derr

Training vocally and performing since age 15, Monique has traveled to Nashville, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles multiple times in pursuit of training from the best in the industry. She has performed for years with bands and for various events, including sporting events, concerts, live television, and for audiences reaching up to 30,000 people.

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Scott brings to Turquoise over 30 years of professional bass playing. A rich fan of jazz music, he is inspired by the legends. His timing, rhythm, and natural sense for music are impeccable. His spirited playing adds to the show.

Tommy started playing drums at the age of 7. In addition to Tommy’s busy recording schedule and many live performances, including several local community symphonies. He has been a performing and recording artist in Los Angeles and Nashville.

Turquoise is thrilled to have Cami on board, she is a very accomplished musician who was selected as a violinist with the orchestra at Temple Square, and has helped record over 20 albums and two movie soundtracks. Cami has her music degree from BYU, where she also participated in their top performing ensembles. Cami was a professional strolling violinist for Busch Gardens’ “Holiday in Roma” show, performing over 300 shows in one season. Cami is married to her sweetheart Nathan Shaskin, who supports all her musical endeavors.

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